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Friday, July 10, 2009

List Building

The Money is in the list!

You've no doubt heard that at least a 1000 times if you've been an online entrepreneur for more than 5 minutes. And it's true. The money is in the list. Here, I'll show you how to build your list, and more importantly, how to interact with your list.

You can build a tremendous following simply by focusing on list-building and marketing to that list. Repeat visitors, which is what you're seeking out by building a list in the first place, are far more likely to buy from you and/or return to your website than somebody "just passing by."

ALWAYS keep that in mind: It's way more important to cater to your existing visitors and customers than it is trying to get new folks to visit your site or buy your goods and services.

For a quick primer on list-building, check out Six Steps to Six Figures. It's a very affordable short report that tells you the ins and outs how to build an email list.

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