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Thursday, December 10, 2009

How to Build a Profitable Email Marketing List Using the List Profit System

If you do nothing else today for your online business, get yourself an autoresponder and build a permission-based email marketing list! It's the single most important "To Do" that you must do to build a super-profitable website.

I've come across possibly the best list building course ever made, and guess what? I got the rights to publish it!

It's called the List Profit System and it features six simple steps you must take to build a profitable email list.

I'll let you read all about it at my new site, In short, you've got to "sell" your list, give readers a reason to subscribe by offering them something valuable,  capture their attention, get subscribers to take action, and, perhaps most importantly, ensure that they read your messages.

More over at Membership Mafia.

Friday, July 10, 2009

List Building

The Money is in the list!

You've no doubt heard that at least a 1000 times if you've been an online entrepreneur for more than 5 minutes. And it's true. The money is in the list. Here, I'll show you how to build your list, and more importantly, how to interact with your list.

You can build a tremendous following simply by focusing on list-building and marketing to that list. Repeat visitors, which is what you're seeking out by building a list in the first place, are far more likely to buy from you and/or return to your website than somebody "just passing by."

ALWAYS keep that in mind: It's way more important to cater to your existing visitors and customers than it is trying to get new folks to visit your site or buy your goods and services.

For a quick primer on list-building, check out Six Steps to Six Figures. It's a very affordable short report that tells you the ins and outs how to build an email list.